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Dearest Kerith,

With the ending of my 17 year marriage, and the reality of raising my three children alone, I felt overwhelmed, uninspired, and caught up in my sadness - depression was an understatement. I met with you and was instantly touched by your ability to listen, as well as offer insightful ideas. You taught me the basic fundamentals that I should feel proud of where I live, and that I should be happy to come home at the end of my day - something that had been missing for an extremely long time. I knew then it was time to take a stand and reclaim my living space. Your endless energy, kind spirit, and creative vision continued to flow every week. Each job was approached with excitement and respect - what a transformation! We tackled my place room by room, and I really understood the importance of how my space should reflect who I am. But when it came time to begin my room, I simply couldn't get started - I was stuck in the emptiness of my now solo room. You worked with me like my very own personal guardian angel, and I triumphed over MY new little room - and it is the prettiest room I've ever occupied!

You have been so very patient with me, how can I thank you? Your precious time, effort, creativity...your magnificence is endless. I am so proud of where I am now compared to where I was before my transformation (both esthetically - home - and emotionally!!!). My children and I love being home, and we do a lot more entertaining - we are truly grateful for this experience.

Thank you Kerith, for transforming my life and the life of my children!

With love,

Carmen Barkasy

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